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Criteria for Grants


Request for funding is not accepted for individual scholarship or study unless the project contributes to the advancement of Ukrainian language studies, education, history, heritage, literature, culture or the arts in Canada.



(a) General Eligibility Criteria


The proposed projects and programs:

  • must have an identifiable Ukrainian and/or Ukrainian Canadian subject,

  • must be a study of the following: the language, history, heritage, literature, culture or the arts,

  • must be a school or institution if requesting a grant for Ukrainian language studies,

  • must have an educational benefit or be an educational tool for a community in British Columbia,

  • must be potentially of interest to a diverse audience,

  • must reflect a high degree of excellence, and

  • must be made available to British Columbians.


(b) Assessment Criteria


The application must include the following:

  • applicant information and a proposed project or program that meet the eligibility criteria,

  • a clearly defined goal of educational merit,

  • financial viability demonstrated by a detailed and balanced budget, including cost estimates, a list of confirmed additional revenue sources, and a list of other grant applications,

  • a description of how the proposed project or program will provide an educational benefit or educational tool for a community in British Columbia, and

  • organizational viability, leadership and effective project planning, among others.



( c) Grant Availability


The awarding of grants depends on:

  • the applicant and proposed project or program meeting the eligibility criteria,

  • the application meeting the assessment criteria,

  • availability of Ukrainian Studies Foundation of British Columbia funds for distribution, and

  • the approval of the Ukrainian Studies Foundation of British Columbia board of directors.


Grant Application for Individuals



  • must be a Canadian citizen or working/studying in Canada,

  • must provide a resume disclosing a background relevant to the proposed  project or program, and

  • must provide letters of reference and support from those familiar with the applicant’s project.


Grant Application for Organizations



  • must be a Canadian not-for-profit professional, semi-professional or amateur group, governed by a Board of Directors or Executive Committee,

  • must provide the most recent annual report, and

  • must provide the most recent financial statement.


All applicants are required to read this document carefully and to familiarize themselves with the Foundation’s criteria before filling out and submitting an application.  Applications must be printed and mailed to:


Ukrainian Studies Foundation of British Columbia

Suite 101 - 7007 Kerr Street

Vancouver, BC

V5S 3E2


Examples of Eligible Projects


The Foundation funds projects and programs related to

  • Teaching Ukrainian language and Ukrainian Canadian subjects in public institutions;

  • Preparation and publication of teaching materials;

  • Research, writing and publication of works on the history of Ukrainians in Canada;

  • Translation and publication of Ukrainian literary works into English;

  • Promotions of books through literary readings and book launches;

  • Presentations and promotions of documentaries on Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian subjects;

  • Events and speakers on Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian subjects; and

  • Professional maintenance of permanent archival records of the Ukrainian community in B.C.  




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